maybe braxton hicks? pants88 1 child; McClure, Ohio 197 posts
3rd Feb '13

so i was in bed last night and the top of my baby bump was hurting/cramping. it was like every 45 seconds i dont know if my tummy was getting hard bc i didnt feel it but when it would happen the baby would hit my cervix, it only lasted for like an hour then went away and could finally sleep. so do you think this was braxton hicks or just weird cramping??

username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
3rd Feb '13

yup sounds like bh

mmayala 1 child; Fort Dodge, Iowa 237 posts
4th Feb '13

I was worried about contractions last week and all my Dr would say was "It the pain goes away...they aren't contractions and you are not going into labor." I would obviously keep an eye on anything like that happening again, but if you can do anything to make them go away, they are more than likely BH:)