Safe? Changing please KECO 1 child; Ballwin, Missouri 26 posts
3rd Feb '13

Is it ok to change formula brands for baby? We started on one brand, but the store was sold out so my husband brought home a different brand. Is is safe for the baby's tummy to just change formula brands?

E-08 & I-12's : Mamii 2 kids; Las Vegas, Nevada 1266 posts
3rd Feb '13

His tummy might take some time to get use to the new one but I think it will be ok. Just don't be changing it too much.

Mama BooBoo(: 1 child; South Carolina 635 posts
status 3rd Feb '13

it should be! i have had to change my sons formula like 3 times already cause he has bad acid reflux :/ as long as its not too much cause it could upset his belly!

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
3rd Feb '13

It can cause an upset tummy. Just try not to change it to much.