lyssa lynn 1 child; California 148 posts
16th Feb '13

my baby boy was due march 13 nd he was born jan, 6 @ 2pounds 15onc. hes already home @ 4 pounds 6oncs.

Brianna Gregoire Due March 9; Japan 1 posts
18th Feb '13

Well I promise you a C-Section isnt always bound to happen just because the baby is breached. JUST as they prepared to start giving my mom the proper medications for her C-Section my brother turned and she was able to have a vaginal birth! Hope this makes you feel a little better.

MommaWilliams Due March 16; Japan 1 posts
22nd Feb '13
Quoting Nora Perez:" Ladies my due date is march 8th but my dr tolled me at my last visit that more than likely I will be ... [snip!] ... the baby to change position.Now I just want to know if any march ladies have delivered already and what are they going thru?"

My friends were expecting a week after me, but she had her baby at 35 weeks.. I had my last one at 34 wks and 4 days.. If they are going to do a c-section, why wouldn't they wait until it was right around or even on your due date? I would question the doctor and if you don't like their opinion, get a different one. This experience is all about you and your baby!!!