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4th Feb '13
Quoting Kim Pronovost:" <blockquote><b>Quoting LeTs*StArT*a*RiOt!:</b>" I couldn't breastfeed either, and ... [snip!] ... Never gave it in a bottle, never said i did. It was on a spoon. Get your information straight before you spout off"

Actually, in the post that you made in the thread that was linked to, you did mention mixing it into bottles.

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status 5th Feb '13
Quoting Kim Pronovost:" God it is sooo frustrating when you answer a post, give your opinion/advice and you have these pushy ... [snip!] ... does not give them the right to belittle you for the choices you have made and make rude comments! Seriously people, GROW UP!:x"

Just try to ignore it. It surprisingly works here and there.