Elle With FOUR! 4 kids; Wichita, KS, United States 18964 posts
4th Feb '13
Quoting Kim Pronovost:" <blockquote><b>Quoting LeTs*StArT*a*RiOt!:</b>" I couldn't breastfeed either, and ... [snip!] ... Never gave it in a bottle, never said i did. It was on a spoon. Get your information straight before you spout off"

Actually, in the post that you made in the thread that was linked to, you did mention mixing it into bottles.

Rob's Living Dead Girl Royersford, Pennsylvania 3329 posts
5th Feb '13
Quoting Kim Pronovost:" God it is sooo frustrating when you answer a post, give your opinion/advice and you have these pushy ... [snip!] ... does not give them the right to belittle you for the choices you have made and make rude comments! Seriously people, GROW UP!:x"

Just try to ignore it. It surprisingly works here and there.