have you ever ovukated before a OPK pos?? Everythinglove TTC since Dec 2012; 1 child; Kansas 95 posts
4th Feb '13

So I am pretty sure I ovulated cd14-16...based off of cm, cervical position, and bbt temps. Along with ovulation pain, I know I'm not crazy it was on my right side for the majority of the day cd16 but I suspect it could have been cd 14-16. However....I had a temp drop cd14 the lowest of the month...and s spike cd15 with a wibble wobble effect it hasn't got super low up and down. My opk didn't register pos till night of cd15....and I tested negative previously twice a day. I'm so confused....please someone look at this chart and tell me what you think?!

Have u ovulated before before pos opk? My body says yes .... And did it result in pregnancy.

I am doubting opks only becau se I realistically tested 4 times a day .... In the am and the pm.....with two different brands one I put on my chart the other one which was more expensive never registered a true pos here is my