What would you do? (Kind of long...) rchljohnsey Due March 16 (girl); Wyoming 26 posts
4th Feb '13

I'm going to try to keep it as short as I can without rambling on, but to fully understand the situation I will need to explain a few past experiences.

When I met my husband and we began dating, his brother, Justin, was living in Jesse's house with his fianc

thats me. :) 18 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 3279 posts
4th Feb '13

I would send her a facebook message with a lot of "I statements"

Say I'm really looking forward to you coming for the baby shower, and congrats on your pregnancy, however, I feel like this is mine and SO's special day, so I hope that you wont take the specialness away."

Sort of thing....

I'm hoping it is wonderful for you!!