Worried is this just a tummy virus or more? * MRS KING * 2 kids; Whitesboro, Oklahoma 1550 posts
5th Feb '13

DD is one year old. Last night she started vomiting, and choking on it. Her body would convulse, but she wouldnt make any noise, and it scared the crap out of me, waiting for it to finally come out out so she could breathe. She vomited six times over the next hour, but she didnt throw up much, mostly just convulsing for about a minute each time. I was so ready to take her to the er, but DH said lets wait it out, shes too tired and miserable to go to a place where she wont get any sleep. So i said ok, well see what happens in the morning. Stayed up for a couple more hours, but she was through throwing up, and slept through the night, until about ten a.m. She was happy, energetic, didnt seem sick at all, so we gave her some baby food, and weve had her on pedialyte since last night. But her diarrhea diapers have been nothing but slime and liquid, yellow, and smell just like her vomit, and her burps. Since this morning ive been changing her diaper every 20-30 minutes, and reapplying butt paste/babypowder, as she now has a horrible painful butt rash, that started a little yesterday afternoon, but has gotten ten times worse since. Some further background, on the twenty fourth DH got a tummy bug, vomiting diarrhea, that lasted for two days and he was fine. Im a little skeptic thats what she has, since its been so long and we washed the sheets and such. On top of that she has pink eye, that she just got from from her little aunt, that weve been using eye drops on. Again shes acting normal, walking screaming having fun. And no more vomiting, but the diarrhea and rash are still bad.