stupid contraction question ashelyn & autumn Due March 20 (girl); 2 kids; Prince Edward Island 247 posts
5th Feb '13

Is it possible to have contractions and not be in labor? I say contraction and not bh. Because they were a lot stronger than the regular bh I've been having to the point i wwas almost in tears and walking and cold water didn't help so I just gave up and laid on the ccouch but they still came. I had 7 within two hours but they were very sporadic and untimeable like bh and lasted a different amount of time every time. Eventually they just went away on their own but it was the pain of them that had me wondering because they reminded me of labor contractions I had with my daughter. I know its a stupid question but was just wondering if its possible or if its just ridiculously strong bh.

♥MomToSilas+1♥ Due December 9; 1 child; ., IL, United States 11247 posts
5th Feb '13

Those are still considered braxton hicks contractions. Mine were horribly painful.

Soon 2B Mom of 2 2 kids; North Highlands, California 3785 posts
5th Feb '13

Yes. I have had them and they suck lol. When I got them though it was caused by dehydration. Also my doc says if you ever have them where you have to stop what your doing, you need to go get checked out.