Uploading photos?? Mommy of 3 ♦ Due June 30 (girl); 2 kids; Cumberland, Maryland 496 posts
7th Feb '13

HOW on Earth do I upload my profile picture aka avatar picture?! I have a photo bucket and I've tried everything!! I don't know how to upload a pic on a thread or anything and I don't feel like I can express everything sometimes without a pic and this site is all about sharing and I'm pregnant and aggravated and also emotional from trying so hard and getting no help nothing but failure :( Please help I'm stressing over what seems to be the stupidest thing!!

Vile Tramp 2 kids; New York 32363 posts
7th Feb '13

When you upload a picture photo bucket, or other photo sharing sites, you are given 4 different codes you can use.

Copy the direct link, use the image button up above^^ paste the code, press add image. ( to post a picture in a thread)

For avi pictures go to edit profile, personal information ( i believe) and paste the direct link in the image address space, click that you have permission to use the image, and then upload.


Charlotte & Gabe 2 kids; California 14282 posts
7th Feb '13

Don't be on internet explorer it doesn't work.

Get the DIRECT URL. go to edit profile and the personal info tab and put that link right there.

Mommy of 3 ♦ Due June 30 (girl); 2 kids; Cumberland, Maryland 496 posts
7th Feb '13

UGH :( It's still not working! I think all my photo's are too big or something . It cuts half the "code" out :( Is there anything else to do?