This isn't me but it could have been 5 years ago Mandy Schlatterer Due March 27 (girl); 2 kids; New Port Richey, Florida 1435 posts
status 7th Feb '13

If a 16 year old girl gets pregnant with an 18 year old guy while visiting/ kinda living with him out of state, what can she do? Can she go back home with her parents and family or does the guy have a say? Would he have to move if he wanted to father the child since the girl is underage and a citizen of a different state? This was a pregnancy scare five years ago but I'm soo curious hiw that woulda played out, the ex messages me on fb just to say hello and that's what brought up the thought.

He also knows I'm married and was trying to have a sexual conversation so I stopped talking lol, creeper...

RadioactiveCat Due November 8 (boy); 1 child; Roanoke, VA, United States 22660 posts
7th Feb '13

The guy has NO say whatsoever in where she chooses to reside. There may be stipulations later on who has to arrange transportation for the child to have visitation. That varies by the case.

Gosloving 1 child; Washington 12831 posts
7th Feb '13

She can move if she likes. She's not a citizen, so I think that even after the baby is born if he tries to take her to court for it, she'll still have to go back? I'm not so sure about that though.