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8th Feb '13
Quoting Rotton Kind of Cute:" I agree with you on those rituals. It's the same way other religions pray, or fast, or give something ... [snip!] ... but still part of one. Gods, Goddesses, all from different religions and regions, I believe are all just part of one being."

Yeah a lot of the spells were made up to make Wicca more appealing. One author in particular focuses on just the spells and witch craft. It's just like how the "Shadow Book" is not a book to kill demons like Charmed showed lol. It's actually like a journal one passes down to next of kin. I really like Scott Cummingham books very nature and history based.

I too like the thought that everyone started from the same being no matter our religion, race, and so forth. Each person just has free will and we grew up in different situations that helped shape who we are. I like your diamond analogy, works well.

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8th Feb '13

I feel God the most when I am out in nature, especially under a starry night sky. It's like a connection or a closeness. Maybe like God is in everything.