Poof Ms. Carter Due July 26; 1 child; Texas 513 posts
Feb 7th '13


Angel [Mariah's Mommy] 1 child; Indianapolis, Indiana 18065 posts
Feb 7th '13

That's, uhh, real mature of you.

Mama Charli Due August 8; 6 kids; Texas 6387 posts
Feb 7th '13

wow....took me forever to figure out what this said..but that was dumb...All you had to do was drive away

~a girl and a boy~ 2 kids; ,, IA, United States 59854 posts
status Feb 7th '13

Why are you trying to start a fight when your 15 weeks along? Who cares if she was staring at you? Why not just leave.

I'm His Amy He's My Rory 2 kids; Caldwell, Idaho 49366 posts
Feb 7th '13

A, you're a shit speller and grammar clearly is invalid in your mind. B, you're a shit adult. Grow up. Hope you mature before you have a kid.