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... *Gabe*Ana*Belle*Levi* 20 kids; Ecorse, Michigan 1589 posts
8th Feb '13


I'm actually a virgin Due June 9; 1 child; Oregon 18466 posts
8th Feb '13

It sounds like eczema to me, I'd s ee a dermatologist.

2Air Force Brats Due July 17; 2 kids; Portales, NM, United States 1381 posts
8th Feb '13

Sounds like psoriasis to me. my son and husband have it. its inharited andnyou can use steriod cream for it for the babies if doc gives it. i personally havent taken my son for it yet as mybhusband is gone foe time being and since he has it id like him to be there. i have found lotions after bath helps a lot

Fluffy Mamma 2 kids; Provo, Utah 534 posts
8th Feb '13

My son got that bad a while back and it turned out he has really sensitive skin. So we use a high strength hydrocortisone cream, aveeno lotion and pure soaps/shampoos like dove. And it gets worse in the winter with the dry air and all. You could always try that stuff.

*Gabe*Ana*Belle*Levi* 20 kids; Ecorse, Michigan 1589 posts
8th Feb '13

They have him on the highest dose of steroids for his size. For a while oatmeal worked but that even stopped.