lower abdominal pain/pressure? Samantha Trivett Due April 5 (boy); 1 child; Alabama 78 posts
8th Feb '13

Ok first off I am 22 years old....I gave birth to my daughter April 19, 2012. I got pregnant again when she was 10 weeks old (I WAS on birth control). Anyway, I am now 32 weeks pregnant (a boy) and as of last week I was 1 cm dilated, thick, and high up still. I have no complications or medical problems this pregnancy. Well around noon I started feeling some pain/pressure in my lower stomach (like really low). It has slowly gotten worse since then. Now it is to the point where it hurts to cough, sneeze, sit down, walk straight up, etc. If I push slightly on my lower abdomen it helps a little and if I lean forward when walking it helps a little. I have had no discharge and no contractions. Just this annoying pain. He is still kicking but it feels a lot lower. When he does kick it hurts my abdomen and what feels like my bladder. My question is could this be him dropping or on a nerve? I never had this with my daughter. My husband doesn't get home from work until midnight so I'm trying to wait it out and see how I feel then. But it is starting to really bother me. It isn't as painful as labor of course but it is very uncomfortable and hard for me to pick up my little girl. Anyone ever had this feeling and if so how did you relieve it?

KatiRose1 Japan 4 posts
8th Feb '13

I am no doctor, but I do have experience being a mother of three. It sounds perfectly normal. You do have to remember that every pregnancy is different, and even more so when it is with a different gender. Try just sitting on a soft surface, such as your couch or your bed, and don't over think it. However, if the pressure gets worse, to an unbearable feeling, or you start spotting, definately go to the hospital. But I do understand that it is different, and it is probably just the way the baby is laying, tomorrow after he gets moving around, you will notice a difference in the pressure, and it will eventually get stronger the further along you are. I hope that will help and put you at ease.