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12th Feb '13
Quoting Spoonful of Jayson:" Do you have kids with a large age gap in between? OVER 5 years, like...6+ years apart. How is it? Do ... [snip!] ... of "helper", or hate the thought of having a little brother or sister they have to share time with? Do YOU enjoy the age gap?"

Saturday my baby boy turned 7 months and today is his big brothers 10th birthday. It was never planned to have a big age gap between them but in the end it has been well worth it. My oldest (aka Sweetpea) loves his little brother (aka Turkey Butt). Turkey Butt's first word or babble was ba bubba ba. Every time my oldest walks into the room his little brother is all smiles and laughter. They have such a great relationship so far. I love that I was able to devote all my time and energy to my first one and will be able to do the same for this one. It's like having another only child but not if that makes any sense.

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13th Feb '13

My kids are 10.5 yrs old 4.5 yrs old and 12 months old.

So my oldest is 6 yrs older then my middle and 9.5 yrs older then the baby.
And middle is 3.5 yr solder then the baby

My middle dd at first couldnt care less till lo started crawling and playing now she is a good big sister. My oldst has always been a good helper. When her (4 yr old sister) was a baby every morning while I got ready for work and she was ready for daycare she fed her for me and played with her etc....

But as she got older she gopt really jealous of her and at 10 yrs old she is still jealous of her, its been a struggle in that sense, they love eachother and still play etc...but at certain times she is very jealous.

My oldest with my 12 month old is amazing, she feds her changes her plays with her etc....she loves to read her a night time story we suggle in bed she reads then we lay her down. She helps me bath her and pick out her clothes and does her hair. She has no jealousy what-so-ever with this lo.

Her therapist said that the age gap of 6 yrs on her was a shock on her development emotionally, going from only child to having a sister to share me with. She has come a long way tho as she gets older, but in remebering my oldest has the maturity level of a 7 yr old, she still gets in that petty jealous stage.