Sharp Vaginal Pains Sam Lavender Due February 18 (girl); 1 child; Brisbane, Australia 3 posts
10th Feb '13

OK so im new to this,
I'm currently 38 Weeks & 5 days and today i have been getting sharp shooting vaginal pains (sorry for TMI) that stop me in my tracks and also my baby girl has been much less active then she normally is, i also had to empty my bowels 4 times yesterday but nothing today is this a sighn labor is close?

SophieKay 2 kids; Ontario 313 posts
10th Feb '13

Loose bowels are often a sign of impending labor. I'm excited for you! The pains are probably the weight of baby pulling at ligaments or compressing nerves I'd say, which (if this is a new symptom) could mean your baby has dropped into position. I had electric shock pains in my lower back once my baby engaged in my pelvis, her skull was just putting pressure on an unpleasant nerve. Decrease in movement is also normal at the very end, especially if she just dropped into a new position. They simply run out of room at a certain point and take advantage of their cramped surroundings to rest up before the big show.

Congratulations! Of course there are still women that show all the signs but still stay pregnant for weeks, there's no surefire answers to these things, but those do sound like good signs.

Sam Lavender Due February 18 (girl); 1 child; Brisbane, Australia 3 posts
10th Feb '13

The sharp pains i have gotten about 3 times today before today i only got them maybe once every couple of weeks, if i am waking and get them i have to stop strait away because i cant move they hut so bad, i really do hope these are labor signs i really just want her out her brother came at 38 weeks so im getting a little impatient and have constant sore hips every night i just want to be able to sleep on my belly again, and thank you :) im getting very excited to meet my little princess

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
10th Feb '13

sounds like it could be the baby sitting on a nerve. was 9 days late and was being induced the next morning. I was in line waiting to vote for hillary clinton the whole night. I thought I was having contractions, Went into the hospital the next morning with the same pain. I wasn't contracting at all.

good luck!