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10th Feb '13

lol My husband and I told my son he looked like Blanche from Golden Girls when he was wearing this:


(Sorry for the quality. I have no idea what happened, heh. Some of my pics are from my phone, some are from our (shitty) camera. :P)

Felix is ten months old tomorrow! I can't believe it. Here are some more pics, since I haven't shared in forever:


Look, he can stand by himself now! :D He's able to take a couple steps too before falling on his butt. He's cruising the furniture ALL the time. I really think he'll be walking soon!


And the most flattering face ever. lol:


Here, so you can see that CAN smile and not look crazy, haha:


Thank you for looking! :D

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10th Feb '13

he's such a cutie!

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10th Feb '13
Quoting ✩BG Addict✩:" he's such a cutie!"

Thank you very much! :D

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status 10th Feb '13

What a cutie! And I love his name!