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    • Aleena Carla (meaning: good looking) -- Votes: 2
    • Amaline Carla (meaning: hard worker) -- Votes: 3
    • Cassidy Carla (meaning: clever) -- Votes: 6
    • Hailey Carla (meaning: ingenious) -- Votes: 4
    • Madeline Carla (meaning: tower of strength) -- Votes: 25
    • Sadie Carla (meaning: mercy) -- Votes: 10
Mrs. Meatball Due June 18 (girl); Virginia 25 posts
5th Mar '13

Guess who's back with an update? We're making progress....

After a lot of consideration we've now decided to cross Aleena Carla off the list as well. While we think that it really is a gorgeous name, it doesn't feel like *the* name to us and we're also not into the rhyme thing going on there.

So, it looks like the search is coming closer and closer to an end with our updated list looking as follows:
1. Amaline Carla D. (potential nicknames: Laney, Linnie, Mali, Allie)
2. Cassidy Carla D. (potential nicknames: Cassie, CC, Casey, Sid)
3. Madeline Carla D. (potential nicknames: Maddy, Addie, Mae, Lili)

So, any more input on our name options or (and especially) on possible nicknames and teasing potential?

Thanks for the many responses and the nice feedback! It's helped us a lot!!!