snglemama 4 kids; Georgia 11978 posts
Feb 11th '13
Quoting 10 til Gwen:" I would have already told him I needed to seriously think about our relationship as soon as he "lied" about cheating just to piss me off."


and yet.. I know sometimes it's not that easy. seriously though... if you ever feel the need or desire to maise your boyfriend... relationship is probably already over

Caddy ÷ nwark, NJ, United States 9335 posts
Feb 11th '13
Quoting Had my 10/10/10 baby!:" Your boyfriend of over 2 years had some neighbors you both didn't like. And you moved out to get some ... [snip!] ... girl slept on the couch while they went home. But they went over a couple hours later and she was still on the couch. WWYD?"

Um... the relationship would have been over before the lying and cheating. I don't put up with guys that choose video games over me and are lazy.
I think women put up with too much crap from these man-babies. There are real men out there.

The lying and cheating would seal the deal.