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11th Feb '13

i am posting for some exposure for my babysitting!
i babysit from my home(working on daycare liscencing but until then just a babysitting title) ive been watching kids since i was 11years old, ill be 26 this summer. i have 2kids of my own :) patience is 3 and knox is 2
i am cpr trained and certified
affordable rates
available 24hrs, drop ins, late nights, early mornings
discounts for multiple children
i have plenty of referrences available when asked!

ladies please help spread the word :) i love being at home with my babies, i "work from home" so my kids dont have to be in a generic not so great daycare with little personal interaction and little guarentee on their safety and well being.

which is why i decided to babysit and soon open my daycare, if youre wondering why not now brandi...simple...i meet every guideline but one! i live on the 2nd floor, which is not allowed for texas registered daycares. so until we move down i am only allowed a "babysitting" title!

my cell is 469 230 2016 :)
tia brandi :)