will i get into trouble for not telling the father when i we Tierra Goodman Japan 4 posts
11th Feb '13

I called him after the baby was born and told him that he was born and he said he was mad I didn't call him before hand, but then I asked if he was going to cone to the hospital he said he couldn't make it

That's the reason I didn't tell him when I went into labor bc all him and his family do is disappoint me and I didn't want it on this special day

I've bn in the hospital for two days and he still hasn't come.

The only effort made for this baby to be close to then has bn on my part. I've had to drive three hours to go visit them, and I even had my baby shower 30 min from where they live and not a one of them.showed up.

Will I get into trouble for not telling him when I went into labor?

κατι 1 child; Memphis, Tennessee 3143 posts
11th Feb '13

Who do you think you would get into trouble with? And no you wont.

The Doctor 2 kids; Whiskey Dick Mountain, WA, United States 59965 posts
11th Feb '13


user banned 1 child; :), :), United States 5380 posts
11th Feb '13

Nope, you're fine. If you want him to sign the paternity paper for the birth certificate, then it would be easier if he was there.

Ellie Goulding 1 child; London, --, United Kingdom 4742 posts
11th Feb '13

You won't get in trouble. If he cared that much, he would have been calling to check on you anyway.
But more importantly, congratulations! :) Don't let him get you down. Enjoy your time with your new addition!

Vivian [♥] 2 kids; Balls Deep, in, Georgia 13935 posts
11th Feb '13


I don't blame you. There was a lot of people I didn't tell because I didn't want them there. People get excited and want to see the baby but they forget that it's not just about the baby. That I'll be in pain and have every part of me exposed.

I didn't call DDs dad for awhile when I was in labor. And when I did my mom had him running errands to keep him busy and away from me and everyone else lol. He got there there right before I started pushing.

DeanJade&Mak's Mom 3 kids; Covina, CA, United States 8822 posts
11th Feb '13


I didnt tell deans dad when i went into labor... U knew he would have showed up and acted like an ass...
Dean was in nicu for almost 2 months, his dad showed
Up once... At 1:00am, drunk, yelled at me, and called his baby ugly... Which was funny because, he looked like him, and still does...

Leave him alone, give him oppertunity to see baby, but do beat urself up, and put all energy into ur baby...

Took my ex 3 years to come around... And i dont feel bad, and have no regrets of how i handled everthing...

p3rf3ctcin Due October 28; 3 kids; Memphis, Tennessee 731 posts
11th Feb '13

No! You didn't even have to call him when you did.

love my boys Xs three :) Due July 29 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; keystone heights, FL, United States 582 posts
11th Feb '13

Nope!! it's your baby, you choose who gets to know.... you can also decide whether or not you want him on the birth certificate.

don't let your BD make you feel bad.. it's his fault he hasn't been around.. not yours.. sounds like you and the baby are better off without him..