When can colostrum begin? Toria Leigh 1 child; Vermont 11 posts
11th Feb '13

I'm almost 38 weeks and my breasts definitely feel engorged but I'm just wondering when leaking started happening for everyone. I hear it's different for everyone, and that the milk should arrive when the baby does. My SO will hardly touch my nipples now because he doesn't want to activate any milk any ideas/experience?

SR ♥ 1 child; V, AR, United States 7869 posts
11th Feb '13

At any time during pregnancy. I was like...25 weeks. But it was only a drop when I would squeeze. My milk came in 2 days after my son was born. He was crying and I suddenly started leaking. It was literally pouring out.

But you're probably not engorged yet. That usually doesn't happen until your milk fully comes in after birth. They will get large, heavy and hard as rocks, and tender.

Bogey Woman 2 kids; Fort Irwin, California 1892 posts
11th Feb '13

I'm only 32 weeks and sometimes I run like a fountain. I have to wear nursing pads all the time.

Milly + Luis = Leilaney 2 kids; Woodbridge, Virginia 901 posts
11th Feb '13

with my first pregnancy...nothing happened until the baby was actually born....with this pregnancy I haven't leaked..but if i squeeze i'll see a drop of colostrum come out...I don't feel that my breasts have changed in size at all.

Buffy♥ 2 kids; Japan 3741 posts
11th Feb '13

Anytime during pregnancy. And your milk probably won't come in 2-4 days after birth.

κατι 1 child; Memphis, Tennessee 3143 posts
11th Feb '13

It depends on your body. I started leaking around 20 weeks.

Heather ♥ Due February 27; 3 kids; Miami, Florida 2432 posts
11th Feb '13

17ish weeks with this pregnancy.

Just Emily :) 2 kids; Casa grande, Az, United States 9925 posts
status 11th Feb '13

I was like 20 weeks or so I woudl stand in the shower and as soon as the hot water hit my chest it would seriously spray out like a pressure hose or something it was insane.... My friend was leaking when she wasnt even pregnant just from living with me...

Brookie99 1 child; Fort McMurray, Alberta 1126 posts
11th Feb '13

I started leaking really early at 13 weeks and literally had to wash my sheets every few days cause you could see spots of dried colostrum all over the sheets.

PokkaDotts 2 kids; Cranbrook, British Columbia 1777 posts
11th Feb '13

With my first I started to leak a tinnny bit around 18 weeks. This time around I'm just about 21 weeks and I've been leaking for a week or two. Not a ton, but enough that I'm going to have to buy breast pads.

Jennifer Whidden Due May 16 (boy); Ocean Shores, Washington 1 posts
11th Feb '13

I started leaking at 24 weeks(now 26.3) and its just continuing , i had to buy nipple pads which just suck lol best of luck :)

-Mrs D - 1 child; Gilmer, Texas 136 posts
11th Feb '13

im 34 weeks and i have not leaked though out my pregnancy so far everyone is diffrent and pregnancys are as well

Madison DeMaio Due April 25 (girl); Yucca Valley, California 2 posts
11th Feb '13

I noticed colostrum leaking out when I was about 19 weeks. I'll be 30 weeks this Friday and for the first time last night, it leaked through my shirt and onto my arm.