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Ryleigh's Mama ♥ 17 kids; West Virginia 10703 posts
11th Feb '13
Quoting Elliot Grace's Mama:" im coming back on next weekend. one week, that was my goal"

Understandable! I miss you though <3

Megan+2 2 kids; Ohio 1807 posts
11th Feb '13

I would kill to be small like you and not have to count calories. You are seriously gorgeous and don't look like you are unhealthy. Looking at those pictures you don't look sick at all in my opinion.

Cher Horowitz 1 child; 1 angel baby; Ohio 1887 posts
11th Feb '13

You look like a sexy asszz beetch.

wyatt.earp. 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 2166 posts
11th Feb '13

im a little thinner than you. i think you look of average weight.

eta: btw, you are really pretty :)

ℐαzmчn 2 kids; Somerset, Kentucky 12712 posts
11th Feb '13
Quoting Jelly b**bs!:" No, you look very healthy, and at an average weight. I am very similar to you. Americans would have you believe that anything under a size 4 is unhealthy."

Exactly which is completely untrue considering I wear a 2/3 and I'm not underweight at all. It just depends on the individual person.

OP I don't think you look unhealthy at all. You look amazing! :)

m o m ♥ 2 kids; Ontario 7945 posts
11th Feb '13

I was super skinny most of my life. And people made rude comments all the time. Like flat out telling me to gain more weight.

Now that I have gained weight... a lot of weight! people still make rude comments about how I looked anorexic and sickly. Even though I was just small framed

Honestly I rather be skinny then what I am now. I was way less self concious. and had more confidence.

I think you look great.

Laventure_Adventure 2 kids; Pennsylvania 675 posts
11th Feb '13

You are not unhealthy at all, you look like you have a fast metabolism and are more on the petite side. You don't look like those anorexic (no offense to anyone) models who starve themselves. Quit being so insecure, you are a pretty girl and if you feel more confident about yourself it will only empower you! :D

Bugs Momma (Kali Rae) 1 child; Florida 1259 posts
12th Feb '13

You're a healthy beauty

mamaCHUNK Due January 9 (boy); 1 child; 694 posts
12th Feb '13

i told you, you are gorgeous!!! i wish i could look like you! <3