Cherry Davis Due March 11; 2 kids; Las Vegas, Nevada 83 posts
12th Feb '13

It depends really on how serious it was. Personally I would not care if any member of my family dated and ex of mine simply because I am happily married to the person I am with they are all in the past so none of that matters there is no residual feelings. The only person I would be mildly "uncomfortable" not even mad or upset about with a family member dating would be my ex fiancee we were together for 4 years and I lost my virginity to him other then that I really wouldn't care.

I'm actually a virgin Due June 9; 1 child; Oregon 18466 posts
13th Feb '13

My mom is basically married to dude and he dated her cousin all through highschool. They didn't know until after the fact

nothingness Arizona 3578 posts
13th Feb '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting A&J. ♥:</b>" Who dated a close family member of yours in the past? Lets say, 5-10 years ago."</blockquote>


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13th Feb '13
Quoting MommaSav2:" <blockquote><b>Quoting S U Z I E:</b>" <blockquote><b>Quoting A&J. ♥:</b>" ... [snip!] ... ex husband... we've been together for 13 years so probably lol..."</blockquote> There has to be a story there! Lol"

Oh, there's a story all right, lol...