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how soon Monkeys Mommy+1 [[ily]] 2 kids; Arizona 7705 posts
12th Feb '13

How soon did you ladies show with your 2nd pregnancy?

Sweetheart...* Due July 30 (girl); 1 child; Florida 1290 posts
12th Feb '13

Well I'm like 16 weeks tomorrow and am showing a little... I think I have been since about 13 weeks

Bettinas Due August 14; 2 kids; Australia 2223 posts
12th Feb '13

Last time I didn't really pop out until around 22 weeks but I'm currently measuring 24 weeks and I'm only just getting to 18 weeks. I was already a bit fat but it's considerably rounder and more pronounced right now. I think the soonest I could really see a difference in my shape was 13 weeks though :)

E☮M♥M♫A Due February 26; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Cleveland, Tennessee 2643 posts
12th Feb '13

When I'm dressed you can tell, but if I'm not you can't..I just look fat lol. But I started "showing" when I was about 17-18 weeks.

PokkaDotts 2 kids; Cranbrook, British Columbia 1777 posts
12th Feb '13

I'm plus sized and 21 weeks along. I, and the people who see me often (my fiance, and co-workers) noticed about a week ago that my stomach is changing shape. I haven't gotten bigger really, my stomach is lifting up and getting rounder though.