♥ melindapple 1 child; Michigan 5425 posts
12th Feb '13

Thanks bye.

JKBC♡ 2 kids; Somewhere, PA, United States 12362 posts
12th Feb '13

Strawberries are fine, it's the real acidic fruits because they could upset their tummy or give them a rash in their diaper(at least that's what my pedi told me) I gave her clementines and my dd loves them!

scruzbaby2 114 kids; New Hampshire 143 posts
12th Feb '13

u can give them strawberrys the only reasn they say not to is if some one in the family is allergic to it. I talked with my doc about it and he said go ahead.. but to take the seedy part off..

Queen Aries Baby 1 child; Orlando, Florida 12052 posts
12th Feb '13

i honestly fed my son what we ate everything and anything inc seafood after 6mts he was allowed to try and chew it if he could. hes now 3.5 and healthy as can be. just be careful w things tat casuse allergic reactions.

MummyPenguin Due September 9 (boy); 33 kids; United Kingdom 173 posts
12th Feb '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting melindapple:</b>" I'm confused. My pedi said that we could feed DD (10 months) anything that we eat accept for honey, peanuts/peanut ... [snip!] ... is that I'm just totally lost as to what her meals should look like and how much of everything should she be eating. Help?"</blockquote>

My lb has.eaten strawberries since 6months!! Seriously give him a and it would go in hia mouth and be demolished in seconds lol. Now hes 14 months he would eat a whole punnet if I let him lol x

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
13th Feb '13

I only fed my dd table foods since 6 months old, minus honey. She ate fish and cooked shrimp and peanut butter at 6 months old.
But here we have no limits, and at 9 months we are given the ok to give whole milk. So I did with all my kids. Bt at 10 months old my dd meals looked like this, which is pretty close to her's now at 12 months old.

7am breakfast. 1/2c whole milk. 1 hard boiled eggs some cheerios.

9am snack, 10oz of formula and cottage cheese with pineapple in it.

11:45am lunch. 10oz of formula. homemade chicken and veggie soup with crackers. Yogurt with fruit. (wheat germ)

4pm snack, 1/2c whole milk. 1/2c formula (so 8oz in total) steamed carrots and green beans.

5:30pm dinner. whatever I made for dinner.

6pm bottle 10oz formula

7pm snack. banana or strawberries etc.....

She still eats the sametimes just more food and no formula. lol