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12th Feb '13

Question: Does anyone know where I can find a wedding planner or one online I can use or print off?

Info (if some of you don't know) DH and I have been together for almost 8 years and he just popped the question on the 8th (officially) so we're getting married this year on August 16th.

Opinion needed w/ background info: I'm due in April we are going to try and have our son on the 20th (due to it being his grandma's b'day plus C Section). Here's where I am confused in August should we do something small like a quick outside ceremony with dinner with just close friends and family or should we have a reception afterwards? If we can't have our son on his grandma's b'day then DH wanted to have a reception type deal in April of next yr. How would that work? Also, on our save the date type deals should I mention something along the lines that "their presence isn't necessary but appreciated and/or join us at (location) for a celebration in our new life long journey together"? Or should I throw that into an invite type deal? At the ceremony we would just like close friends and family only.

Sorry, if it's confusing to understand. TIA