Birthday Game :) Little Richard's mommie! Due July 12; 1 child; Seneca, South Carolina 4293 posts
13th Feb '13

I smacked the computer because I'm retarded lmao!

Tiff + 2[girls] 2 kids; Montana 6000 posts
13th Feb '13

I ate my neighbor because I'm hot and I do what I want. Lmao!

KNZ. 3 kids; Washington 59191 posts
13th Feb '13

I choked on my dog because I was drunk.

Kyan&Nate Due February 25; 1 child; Australia 142 posts
13th Feb '13

I ate myself because I was drunk!

THE Draco Malfoy 1 child; Tennessee 19885 posts
13th Feb '13

i danced with my sister because i'm hot and i can?:? i don't have a sister:?

MummyPenguin Due September 9; 33 kids; United Kingdom 173 posts
13th Feb '13

I kissed a doctor because I was drunk lol