Pregnancy Sex?? Hannah&Cody Due July 24; Minnesota 1 posts
13th Feb '13

So now that I am further a long I find myself wanting it a lot more. My finance does too. My question is though.... every time we do it, it seems I get hurt like slight pain in my lower areas.. Is there a right or wrong way to have sex when you are pregnant????

user banned 2 kids; New York 34017 posts
13th Feb '13

It could be Braxton hicks contractions.

We had sex pretty much every position we did when I wasn't pregnant. Sometimes I got cramps/contractions and once I had some bleeding. All normal.

Jamie Vincent-Nead 4 kids; Altoona, Pennsylvania 258 posts
13th Feb '13

When I was further along we did it with him behind me sideways. It was more comfortable for me in that position.

LayLu (girl); 17 kids; Virginia 4007 posts
13th Feb '13

I'm 22 weeks and anytime he's hitting it from behind I feel like he's all the way up in my stomach, it's pretty uncomfortable and it SUCKS because that was my favorite position up until now lol but yeah it pretty much feels like a cramping.. I'm pretty sure it's all normal, I don't think there's an unsafe way to have sex while pregnant (unless he's like choking you or you're doing some crazy acrobatic stuff lol), you just gotta find what's comfortable for you.