Engaging Pregnancy Articles with a Twist!

It feels so great when...... Baby Liam =D 1 child; Marshfield, Vermont 529 posts
13th Feb '13

It feels so great when someone you know says that you are one of the greatest mothers they have ever seen. I am 22 years old and tonight I saw one of my high school teachers and we are friends on fb. I introduced her to my son (as she already knew who he was through fb). Then she said that her and another one of my HS teachers said I am one of the best mothers they have seen in a long time. Its moments like these that I cherish. I love my son and it felt awesome knowing that other people notice I am a great mother.

Man in stockings Due November 18 (boy); 1 child; Southern, IL, United States 3431 posts
13th Feb '13

That was sweet of her! I always feel like I'm being judged when i'm out with my son like i'm too young to be having children but i'm 24.

Baby Liam =D 1 child; Marshfield, Vermont 529 posts
13th Feb '13

I felt awkward at first when I was pregnant. When I saw people that I thought would judge me I would try and hide my pregnancy and not really talk about it. But then I came to realization, I don't care what other people think. I am old enough to care for another human being. I know people that are a lot older than me that can barely care for themselves. Everyone is different. It doesn't matter the age.

LaTosha Commire Due August 19; 2 kids; Michigan 4 posts
13th Feb '13

You are so very right, it doesn't matter the age. You're a good mother because you care! I was 18 when I had my daughter and she loves me to bits. I adore her. I have a 15 month old now and he is spoiled to the core. haha. Keep up the good work!