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14th Feb '13

labor from first contraction-birth was 10 hours with my first and 6.5 hours with my second.

i was 7cm when i was admitted with my first, 5cm with my second. with my second, they broke my water at 7cm and i had him 20 minutes later.

pushed ~6 times with both.

Mr's&Family* 2 kids; Arizona 3607 posts
14th Feb '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Just Ames:</b>" I was afraid of feeling pain too :shock: but it was just pressure like everyone says but I will tell ... [snip!] ... is really nice and low :lol: My Dr did a great job. And he used surgical glue so that was nice as well. No stitches or staples."</blockquote>

That's still scares me :(
Hopefully no emergency c-section is needed for me.

Mr's&Family* 2 kids; Arizona 3607 posts
14th Feb '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting awesomebrandi:</b>" Oh gosh.. you have had it rough, poor thing. This is our last one, and I'm glad. I am over it myself, lol."</blockquote>

Ours, too. We're going to adopt after

Emma+Abby+Logan+Charlotte 4 kids; Oregon 3624 posts
14th Feb '13

My first labor was 10 1/2 hours from the beginning to the end. I pushed for 1 1/2 hours of that. My second labor was four hours start to finish and I only pushed twice . My third was 29 hours start to finish 9 active hours of labor and about 1-2 hours of that were hard labor . I pushed for about five or six contractions that time. Though labors do tend to get shorter it's not a guarantee . I'm praying this baby doesn't come any faster then four hours that's was incredibly intense .

Clopton™ 2 kids; Tulsa, OK, United States 3233 posts
15th Feb '13

First labor was 14.5 hours. Second labor was 13.5 hours.
Both labors, my water broke at home with no progression. Had to be induced with pitocin. First labor I pushed for 90 min and second labor I pushed for 20 min.

Ecstasy 18 kids; Cuba 7748 posts
15th Feb '13

both 5 1/2 hrs..

1st out in 2 pushes
2nd out in 5

My pain was more intense with my 2nd labour.

Both totally different though..

1st started as a dull ache - like a period pain that wouldn't go away.. not 'contractions' really?

I was checked and was actually in labour and at 4cm.

2nd time my water broke & then an hour later contractions started.. more painful then my 1st labour during the entire thing and i was only at 3cm when we went to the hospital.

Mum to Adam+Jacob 3 kids; Turkey 1549 posts
15th Feb '13

My first son was quite quick, went to L&D at about 12 was 2cm had him by 14:38, pushing lasted 15 mins, pushing was easy just felt like I needed a huge crap...and everytime I pushed I didn't feel the contractions. I was talking and laughing I between contractions aswell. He was 8lb 12oz, no stitches, no epidural :)

My 2nd son I got to hospital at 3am was 4cm, which I had no clue about until 2:30am, I was quite happily playing Farmville at midnight with no signs on labor at all. By 5:30 I was 9/10cm and by 5:45 he was born. Gas and air only, only difference really was it took a bit more effort to push with my 2nd for some reason I didn't feel an urge to push, jacob weighed 7lb 4oz, Again no stitches, I walked out at midday went home and started housework as though nothing had happened lol I'm pregnant with no. 3 (another boy) hoping and praying I have a nice easy delivery again and walk out with my vagina intact aswell lol x

anonymom + 1.5 2 kids; West Virginia 10774 posts
15th Feb '13
Quoting Mr's&Family*:" Ive heard a lot of ladies say there second L&D was much faster then their first. Was this true for you? ... [snip!] ... (dilation wise)? Was pushing easier with your first or second? You can add anything else you want, too :) Just curious :)"

First I was induced, it was four hours start of induction to baby's arrival. Super painful and fast, fast, fast. Second was like 6am to 1030 pm so... a lot longer but much much easier. I did, however, go into labor earlier with my second - 39and4

p3rf3ctcin Due October 28; 3 kids; Memphis, Tennessee 678 posts
15th Feb '13

First - I was induced at 39.5 weeks. Had the epi and felt everything from my pelvic bone up. Not unbearable, but not easy. From start to finish, including 35mins worth of pushing it was 11 1/2 hours total. My recovery was hell!! Had 3rd degree episiotomy, stitches on my cervix and internal. It took weeks to feel normal again. It took about 15 weeks before I could even attempt to have sex again :(

Second - I was induced again at 39 weeks. I tried getting the epi and yet again it only worked from my pubic bone down. Contractions were unbearable and beyone painful. There is seriously no way to explain how much pain I was in. Not sure how, but the bed side rail hung in there with me. Lol! I pushed for 10 mins. and he was here. Overall, I was in labor for 5 hours. My recovery was a breeze!!! I did have a 2nd degree episiotomy but I felt like I could run a marathon. I was amazing at how great I felt and recovered. After two weeks PP, I was able to have sex. A little too early, but I felt fine and all healed well.

5girlsmommy Due February 28; 4 kids; Washington 37 posts
16th Feb '13

1. No issues with pregnancy, went from 109lbs to 154lbs. Never lost mucous plug, was said i was having a boy, but had a girl. Last ob appt 39weeks @ 10am, went home had some cramping and pain when going pee. Got to hospital at 430 daughter was born at 824pm.

2. Bleeding at 12 weeks, diagnosed with low lying placenta and circumvallet, started pre term labor with bleeding at 24 weeks. Numerous stays in the hospital. Brought in at 32weeks, released at 34 wks, came back that night got steroid shots & labor stopped, next afternoon i felt an urge to push & just as ob walked in i had pushed her out.

3. Very uneventful. Went to ob with contractions at 4ish at 39weeks, she was born at 1059pm.

4. False labor at 38.5wks, sent home. Came Back at 39.6 my water broke at 9am (39.5) after loads of pitocin she was born 1am ish. Got a spinal headache, so dont remember most of that visit. She was the worst and longest.

Im taking rasp. Leaf tea this time around to strengthen everything down there, in hopes to not have a bad labor. 38.2 now :)