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624582 Neilton, Washington 9312 posts
Feb 16th '13

Yes, but only because my brain gets warped when I'm in a relationship. I don't find the guys unattractive until after we split.

Nearly every one of my friends have told me at some point or another that I date guys that they'd never peg me to be attracted to. I'm definitely not known as shallow, lol. Even with DH I heard that a lot, but I found him attractive from the moment we met. He's the closest to my "type".

Logan and Noah's Momma 18 kids; North Carolina 982 posts
Feb 16th '13


user banned 18 kids; Texas 1041 posts
Feb 16th '13
Quoting ☮ Phuket:" You didnt think they were attractive?"

I think you need to be physically attracted to someone to be with them, but at the same time, I find things like a sense of humor, intelligence, and faith attractive. But overall... No.

What if... 2 kids; Ontario 4587 posts
Feb 16th '13

no. I've dated someone I didnt find attractive immediately but became attracted to them while we were courting eachother. but if I were never attracted to them I couldnt be with them.

♥Jessie♥ TTC since Jun 2015; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Idaho 8007 posts
Feb 18th '13

My first reaction was no but then I really thought about the question (and your personal situation).

If I was just dating someone I wouldn't stay with them. Actually I might not even date them.

If I had been married for a while and had recently changed my mind it would be different. Everyone goes through moments. I would possibly mention something kindly to my SO but I would try hard before leaving a marriage because of a change in attraction.

Also, my DH pointed out that if you have been married a while he would assume that if you didn't find someone attractive anymore you no longer loved them. Because when you love someone that makes you attracted to them because you love little things about them that make them look better to you. Kinda like how a pretty girl can become ugly when you learn about her personality. In this situation I would probably seek counseling or trying and once again mention it to my husband.