Lin Brown TTC since May 2015; 2 kids; Tunnel Hill, Georgia 1941 posts
Feb 19th '13

When I was 18 I cheated on my ex because I thought it would make him feel the way I felt since he was cheating on me with many girls throughout the entire time, in the end I did get what I wanted and I ended up hurting him, but it wasn't because I cheated, it was because I was done and he knew I found someone else (my now husband) and no it wasn't my husband I cheated on my ex with either. I will never cheat again just for the fact I know now, if your not happy in a relationship then just gtfo of it and just be single until you find someone you can be happy with. There is no real excuse to cheat on anyone no matter what they have done to you, if your even thinking about cheating on the person you are with then you need to sit down and talk to them and tell them how you feel and go from there!

NewMommyXOXO 1 child; South Carolina 1183 posts
Feb 20th '13

I cheated because I also wanted to get out of an abusive relationship . I have no regrets because it led me to my wonderful husband ! :)

☮ Fairy Godmother Due July 30; 1 angel baby; Fort Worth, Texas 463 posts
Feb 20th '13

Because he cheated.

I thought it was "true love", tried to forgive him & work through it... One night my best guy friend walked to my house from the next town over, climbed through my window & read me a letter about how he truly felt about me. I was a sucker for the sweetness & one thing led to another. And yeah... I never planned to get revenge on anyone by cheating, but I knew what I was doing was wrong in the moment, so I don't know if I could say it "just happened".

I admitted it, after getting caught. A female friend told on me & I didn't think I could keep up a huge lie. I felt like such a p***e o* s**t admitting it. Even though he had convinced me it was my fault he had cheated on me.

I don't regret it because I might have actually married the guy I cheated on, had I not cheated... At the same time I regret it horribly because the guy I cheated on beat the shit out of my best friend in a parking lot in front of me. My friend wouldn't fight back because of me, he just took it. I tried so hard to stop it but I didn't think he was ever going to quit. I've never screamed so loud or felt so desperate in my life. I still feel so shitty about the whole mess & it was 9 years ago.

Just a stick figure 1 child; 3785 posts
Feb 20th '13

Because I felt neglected. However, he found out. We worked on our issues, he has stood by me for the past 2 years since it happened. I think about it every day and how I regret ever doing that to DH.

We both have flaws though.

Addi&Aria'smama 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Florissant, Missouri 7421 posts
Feb 20th '13

I cheated because I wanted out of the relationship. It was unhealthy and disgusting. I finally got out after that. I also found out during the process he was cheating on me. She even got pregnant.