hcg levels Grateful_Heart Due December 3 (girl); 1 child; 1 angel baby; Puerto Rico 26 posts
15th Feb '13

When will my hcg levels go back to 0 after stillbirth at 20 weeks? How can I know if I'm pregnant again? It's ben 7 weeks, I had my first period already and I'm having many many symptoms. I haven't taken an HPT believing it will come back positive even if I'm not pregnant. What can I do?

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15th Feb '13

With my last baby i took a test around 6 weeks PP for shits and giggles ( i hadnt had sex yet i knew i couldnt be pregnant) and it was negative. They say its aroud a 6 weeks or so but some women carry it longer. Id say if you had a postive test and then tested again and it was more positive it was pribably a new pregnancy

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15th Feb '13

If you already had a period then you shouldnt get a false positive on a test since your hormone levels had to drop enough for your period to start.