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17th Feb '13
Quoting Sarah Bare-ah♡:" What if your child dies? Are you no longer a mother then. I'm not talking about a miscarriage. I'm talking ... [snip!] ... by a disease are we really going to say that since you're no longer providing for or caring for that child you're not a mother?"

As cold as it sounds, technically you were a mother.

LittleBear's mama 3 kids; Ontario 480 posts
17th Feb '13
Quoting Rd.:" As cold as it sounds, technically you were a mother."

You are right, it does sound cold. IMO you are always a mother, even if your child dies. You are simply a mother who had a child die, doesn't mean you aren't a mother anymore, because in your heart you will always be that childs mother, alive or angel.

MrsWoodstock Zanesville, Ohio 98 posts
18th Feb '13

you are STILL A MOTHER IF YOUR CHILD DIES! my cousins-in-laws daughter died of a brain tumore at age six last year. and every day she still thinks about her daughter. that love NEVER goes away, that worry never goes away, that dream of your baby NEVER goes away. she has since had a baby boy, but she is STILL AVA's mother.

r a b b i t ™ Bandle City, US, United States 27557 posts
18th Feb '13

I think it's a matter of how you personally define the word "mother".
Once I gave my girls up for adoption, I was no longer a mother by my own definition. I consider myself nothing more than a birth mother even though I raised them for a portion of their short lives, and until this child is born and I am raising her I don't consider myself a mother by "standard" definitions, merely an incubator.

But like I said, I think it's all a matter of personal definition. There are plenty of peopke who say I'm still a mother simply because I did raise Em and Annie for a period of time.

MrsWoodstock Zanesville, Ohio 98 posts
19th Feb '13
Quoting Rabbit