bleeding starting after 20 weeks pregnant trisha demers Due July 10 (boy); Japan 1 posts
18th Feb '13

I am 20 weeks pregnant and started heavily bleeding 3 days ago. I went in to the ER they checked on Grayson and told me he was fine but the bleeding has not stopped I'm really worried they gave me a paper saying threatened miscarriage. I would like to hear back from all the woman that has had bleeding after 20 weeks pregnant.

LoveMyBubbaBoy 2 kids; Michigan 3190 posts
18th Feb '13

Did they tell you to follow up with your ob? I had spotting my entire first trimester... But any bleeding/spotting is called a threatened miscarriage... I know I really hate that term too... Good luck though, op. :)

Summerfrost 51 kids; Massachusetts 6830 posts
18th Feb '13

1. A loss after 20 weeks is considered a stillbirth. Bleeding during the 1st trimester and rarely in the early 2nd trimester is considered a threatened miscarriage. A miscarriage is normally when there is something genetically wrong with the baby or some other major issue that makes the baby not viable. (A problem that isn't fixable)

At 20 weeks, it should be treated completely differently, because about 95% of those types of genetic issues aren't a problem anymore. Most of the issues are fixable or at least treatable. The placenta has been functioning for a while,etc. A 20 week fetus is just different developmentally than a 1st tri baby. They're like skinny mini-babies vs weird alien shaped things that don't have all of their organs yet.

That also reduced the causes of bleeding. Bleeding in the middle of the 2nd tri tends to be issues like a sensitive cervix (have you had sex recently?). An exam can also irritate bleeding more. An U/S should definitely be done at this point to rule out issues like placenta previa. Pre-term labor or cervix changes can cause bleeding. I had bleeding when I was 2 to 3 cm's dilated at 22 weeks. I was kept in the hospital until i delivered.

I would call your ob's after hours number and talk to them directly. They're the ones who should be taking care of you at this point anyway. The ER can only do so much. I'm very surprised they didn't send you to the maternity floor instead. Here and at most hospitals, after 20 weeks, they send you directly to L&D