PP check up Rebecca Lynn kinq 2 kids; Muscatine, Iowa 55 posts
19th Feb '13

So I have my 2 week check today and im wondering what all is going to happen I delivered vag. No stiching and im going to ask for the pill are they going to check me if im bleeding?

A is Me 1 child; South Carolina 3782 posts
19th Feb '13

They will probably look down there but they shouldn't do an internal exam.

Risk of infection, same reason you wait six weeks for sex.

Mama On The Run 3 kids; 781 posts
19th Feb '13

Just making sure your healing fine. I believe she poked at my stomach a little, checked blood pressure/weight. Asked how I was feeling, etc.

Mandy ♥ Hailey+Roo 2 kids; Middleton, Idaho 11788 posts
19th Feb '13

I had a full exam but I also had an infection. Just had my 6 week pp and for some reason it hurt way worse. I wasn't offered birth control at 2 weeks.

Mommy to munchkin 17 kids; Bandera, Texas 1229 posts
19th Feb '13

I had no exam really at 2 weeks just asked if I had any problems with the place I had stitches. Didnt discuss birthcontrol til six weeks. I also had a vaginal birth.