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motherofboys 3 kids; Milton-Freewater, Oregon 2263 posts
19th Feb '13
Quoting My boys=My life~6weeks:" We'll both have girls then :wink:"

yup, there are always so many more choices for cute clothes for girls, I've always wanted to be able to bring home some frilly dresses. Boys clothes are pretty much the same thing just with a slightly different design, no real differences though. There also never seems to be as many racks of boy clothes either. I go to the thrift store and will see six racks of baby girl clothes and 1/2 rack of boys, so I have to go pay full price at a retail store just to keep my boys in clothes, and their girls section is usually 2-3 times larger than the boys section as well. so annoying

Hey TTC since May 2014; 5 kids; 5 angel babies; Edmonton, AB, Canada 3418 posts
19th Feb '13

Wrong for both me and my SIL