May 2012 Babies Stephanie Charlwood 1 child; United Kingdom 515 posts
20th Feb '13

Hi I was just looking for updates on May 2012 babies pics, how much they weigh, what they do or dont do etc.

This Is my daughter Evie she was born May 27th weighed 7lbs 9oz and weighed 20lbs 14oz at her 8 month review.
She eats everything, does the majority of it herself, she claps along to pat a cake and does hand movements to twinkle twinkle, she sits on her own, rolls over all the time and has recently started moving a little bitle trying to army crawl but not quite there yet.
Shes not crawling properly yet, doesnt pull herelf on her cot sides and isnt interested in trying to walk but I know she will get there in her own time :) plus al the other mums who have walkers or almost walkers tell me to make the most of it lol.

user banned 2 kids; Cincinnati, Ohio 2256 posts
22nd Feb '13

Well Ms Lady, you already know what Jazmine does, but I figured I'd bump your post :)

Stephanie Charlwood 1 child; United Kingdom 515 posts
22nd Feb '13

I'm sad that noone else wants to share :( but thank you :)