Some advice? Eva Marie's Mama 1 child; Albany, New York 728 posts
21st Feb '13

It is now 4:40 am and have yet to go to sleep, LO is 3 weeks old and normally sleeps pretty good during the night. Sunday we had an issue where she wouldn't sleep until 9:30 am She was up since 10 pm and I got no sleep. I think it was because of gas. I'm scared tonight will be the same way, I think she may have gas again. I gave her gripe water, massaged her tummy clockwise for a while, brought her knees to her chest, tried burping her over and over but she hasn't burped. She's not crying that much, every now and then she will. She won't pass gas though or burp. I know she's tired but she can't sleep, I feel so bad . I tried swaddling her but I don't think she likes it because she tries to get her arms out. What else should I do? She is breast fed btw if that makes a difference.

Samantha Grice 18 kids; Sunshine Coast, Australia 240 posts
21st Feb '13

Sometimes there body clocks just gets all out of wack, if she wants her arms out when you swaddle her then put her arms up across her chest so her hands are near her face then swaddle her so her hands are out and she can move them, I hope you get some sleep, i promise it does get better, sometimes it can get worse but it will get better