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Feb 24th '13
Quoting grizzy:" I want to make milk but the problem is she has major latching issues. Since I made the mistake of giving ... [snip!] ... 24oz daily thats way out of my league I only made 10oz :( so I gave up I couldn't do it even if I pumped every 3hrs for days."

I would stop the bottle asap and try syringe feeding. That is what I had to do for my son. He didn't latch for 3mo because of stupid bottles :[ I had to feed him with ONLY breastflow bottles and finger/syringe feeding. n****e confusion does really suck.
You need to make sure that when she latches her mouth is wide enough. Also make sure her bottom lip isn't tucked in. My son would latch and make this awful clicking sound and unlatch constantly. It literally took me 3 months of hard work and tears but it can be done you just have to be more stubborn then the baby and see a LOT of LCs. I would call and ask them for advice again asap. Also, pump before latching her so she can smell the milk!
That way she knows its there.