New mom new baby! Newmommy0718 Due July 17 (girl); Salem, Oregon 19 posts
22nd Feb '13

I'm a first time mom so I'm having trouble on things to buy for my baby I don't know the sex of my baby until 13 days so I'm very excited and I think until then I will go crazy and start buying stuff , maybe too crazy and buy stuff I actually don't need so any input on baby things I most deff need for me and my baby! ??

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 7723 posts
22nd Feb '13

The things we used most frequently were
Maya wrap
Butt paste
Baby towels

I didn't get a bouncer until after discovering how wonderful they were in nicu. It saved us in the beginning!

saageex3 1 child; New York 5789 posts
22nd Feb '13

If you're having a baby shower I highly recommend waiting. One thing I was so happy I had was a good swing. It kept DD occupied and calm a lot of the time. I bought a humidifier and thought it was useless but recently we had to use it for the first time on DD at 16 months so I'm grateful that we have it.
I bought a wipe warmer which I never used. Totally pointless.
I could have waited on the high chair but I got it as a gift.
Blankets are a must but if you have a shower you'll get tons. I bought a lot of pacifiers and enough bottles to still have some if some were dirty. Some bottles didn't work well for her though so I'd advice not buying a bunch of the same bottles until you know if they will actually like that one.
Don't buy to many newborn clothes. They're in those the least. I'd start off with 0-3 months bc you don't want to buy a bunch of newborn and then they don't fit. DD was tiny so she actually fit in newborn until about 4 months.
Don't buy formula if you plan on formula feeding until after they're born in case they like a certain kind. Don't buy boxes of newborn diapers. I'd buy size 1. They usually send you home with a bunch of diapers.
I know there's a lot more but I'm half asleep

ETA: most definitely get a boppy! They're wonderful

Newmommy0718 Due July 17 (girl); Salem, Oregon 19 posts
22nd Feb '13

Thank you!! Good to know now a days those baby magazines trap you! And I'm not a very smart shopper to begin with so this all helps:)

Andie. 3 kids; Oregon 7883 posts
22nd Feb '13

We love our mei tai. I have this:

The swing is great too, we have a cradle swing which swings in different directions.

Ace of Bace 1 child; New Bern, North Carolina 1657 posts
22nd Feb '13

Most useful BY FAR was/still is a changing table and diaper pale that takes regular garbage bags. We use the fabreese dented ones any empty it once a week... And my house doesn't smell like poop...