37w6d calcified placenta on ultrasound yesterday Sammie_ Due March 7 (girl); 1 child; Vallejo, California 1 posts
22nd Feb '13

Yesterday i had ultrasound to check the babys growth and amniotic fluid, the dr looked at my placenta and there was a bunch of white stuff on it and he said it was calcium and that it meant labor should be coming soon. But when i googled about it, it didnt say anything like that. Have any of you ladies heard of this or have been thru this? It wasnt my regular dr who did the ultrasound so i messaged her and asked if we could talk about inducing me, i was also induced with my first so i would much rather be induced again. Also, i have been super nausous the past week when i wake up and i constantly wake up with a huge headache, i have been getting strong braxton hicks and sometimes menstrual like cramps also with severe lower crampy back pain could any of this mean labor is coming? As i said i was induced with my first so i never experienced going into labor on my own.

Redhead Penguin Due September 13 (boy); 3 kids; Henrico, Virginia 99 posts
23rd Feb '13

I have never heard of a placenta calcifying.

The cramping in your lower back is how my labor always feels when's real; I only feel them up front with braxton hicks or its time to push.