Cast Your Vote:

    • Myra -- Votes: 7
    • Morgan -- Votes: 9
    • Matilda -- Votes: 10
    • Myla -- Votes: 7
    • Marissa -- Votes: 5
    • Marlow -- Votes: 9
    • Mabel -- Votes: 9
    • Melvina -- Votes: 0
    • Marilyn (would exclude Lynn as a middle name) -- Votes: 5
    • Maxine (would be called Max) -- Votes: 3
Expanded Baby "M" Name Poll Tig Ol' Bitties 2 kids; St Catharines, Ontario 2684 posts
status 22nd Feb '13

I have expanded the list to include a few other options.

The baby will have the middle name Lynn which is pretty much set in stone as its my husbands deceased mother's name. Really though the first name is the priority, as we barely use DD'd middle name.

Let me know honest opinions of suggestions of girl names that start with M but don't end with an "e" sound. (Like Marley or McKenzie)


speaktruth2powr 2 kids; Ontario 45002 posts
22nd Feb '13

What about Megan or Mavis?

Sarah ♥ K&K 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Oceanside, CA, United States 112414 posts
status 22nd Feb '13

Out of those I'd go with Morgan.

*Queen Bitch* (Expecting! Due December 20; TTC since Aug 2013; Georgia 1630 posts
22nd Feb '13

If I had to choose out of that list I would go with Marilyn

Ace of Bace 1 child; New Bern, North Carolina 1653 posts
22nd Feb '13

Marla? I see you have a lot of options already... Just giving a few more I guess. Ha

linsα 2 kids; Bordeaux, AQ, France 28647 posts
status 22nd Feb '13

Marissa or Matilda.

My favorites are
Magdalena mag-da-lay-na
Michalina mee-ha-lee-na
Mariana ma-ree-ah-na

Just throwing those out there.

Momma Rawks 1 child; Iowa 7153 posts
22nd Feb '13

I love Morgan--that's my sister's name! I also really like Maxine (Max).

Elliot Grace (17 weeks) Due September 22; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 18146 posts
status 22nd Feb '13

Molly! Out of the list I like myla (is that pronounces mila?)

Belle. TTC #2 TTC since Oct 2013; 1 child; Alberta 3445 posts
22nd Feb '13

I love Molly! I know a girl named Maxine and people call her maxi and it reminds me of maxi pads lolol

Serial Mom ✄ 18 kids; Michigan 2690 posts
23rd Feb '13

I like Matilda and Mabel. I also love Molly.

Tabitha+4 (41wks) Due August 8; 3 kids; Arizona 23108 posts
24th Feb '13

I have a Mabel, so that was my vote. :) However, I also considered Maxine & Molly!