Can you temporarily disable a butt nerve? HUgabearrr Japan 426 posts
Feb 23rd '13

like seriously!! omg;. everytime i get up my fat ass puts weight on a nerve near my ass on one side or both and its like an electric shock and iv'e fallen a few times. Im only 21 weeks pregnant so im pretty sure its a sciatic nerve and not the baby. Is there anything a dr can give to make this pain go away. Plus i carry my 16 month old a lot and i cannot afford to get up and feel pain and accidentally drop him.

Linziebobinzie 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Buffalove, NY, United States 11877 posts
Feb 23rd '13

deff sounds like your sciatic nerve and there's not much u can do about it :/ google search stretches for sciatica. it helps me out some, tylenol seldom helps.