Movement or something else?! Eli's Mama Bear 17 kids; Mandurah, Australia 254 posts
23rd Feb '13

Alright, so I'm 19 weeks and 2 days.... I'm not sure if I'm feeling the baby move or if my belly is just effed up?! But its been "tender" for the past 3 days [no bleeding no cramps] but every now and then I'll feel what feels like your eye twitching.. it's always in a different spot... I hope that makes sense cause I'm not sure how else to explain it ha ha. Is it just baby moving or what?! This will be my first baby....

Redhead Penguin Due September 13 (boy); 3 kids; Henrico, Virginia 99 posts
23rd Feb '13

You should be feeling the baby now but I'm slightly concerned about the tenderness. I know that can sometimes happen (and did to me) but that is much later when the baby is bigger (30 weeks or later) and is kicking you in one spot (like my ribs). And I think I know what you mean about the twitching though normally first time moms say it feels more like gas, butterflies, swimming. Mine always feel like swimming at first.

Linziebobinzie 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Buffalove, NY, United States 11091 posts
status 23rd Feb '13

It does feel like a muscle twitching at first...that's how I described it. Now though it feels like a baby moving inside lol

SavageDarling 3 kids; Webster, Massachusetts 10381 posts
23rd Feb '13

That could very well be baby moving. In all of my pregnancies this is the first one I've ever felt anything remotely close to "fluttering or swimming". I know that's what they say it feels like in the beginning but for it really hasn't been. It feels like little twitches in the beginning for me too.

Eli's Mama Bear 17 kids; Mandurah, Australia 254 posts
23rd Feb '13

Perhaps I should say I'm a little on the plus size as well. As for the tenderness... the doctor says its just cause my belly is growing and that's why it may seem tender. Ahhh I dunno, but its a funny feeling! :)