UhmAmber 1 child; Texas 2415 posts
23rd Feb '13
Quoting Andreahhh:" That seems like a lot to me LOL I would be thinking...did I meet you before? You're really a different Vladimir that is also a Russian drug dealer?"

haha they may have all been related? but they all looked completely different, and I met them all through completely different groups of friends. My city's population is pretty big, it doesn't surprise me, really.

linsα most, CZ, Czech Republic 30355 posts
status 23rd Feb '13

Its one of my favorites. My cousin is named Vladimir but people gave him so much shit hegoes by Jordan. Vladimir is so much nicer.

Martha Marshall 1 child; Whittier, California 1035 posts
23rd Feb '13
Quoting Glo♥:" I figured people would link it to Dracula lol. If I ever get a cat I'm naming him Vladimir."

I think that'd be a great cat name!

Back to Noob Status Ohio 14048 posts
23rd Feb '13
Quoting Glo♥:" I'm in love with this name but no more kiddies for me. So what are your thoughts on it? Like it hate it?"

LOVE! It is on my list. :)

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
24th Feb '13

the impaler is what came to mind.

Jenna1234 1 child; Iowa 543 posts
status 24th Feb '13
Quoting Devil Duckie:" the impaler is what came to mind. "

I was just thinking Vladimir the Impaler by only reading the title.