False labor SophieKay 2 kids; Ontario 313 posts
24th Feb '13

So, I just spent 12 hours in the hospital with false labor, ugh. I've posted my story here before, so I won't do the full recap, but long story short I've been having various forms of threatened preterm labor since 28 weeks. I'm currently 34 weeks +1 day. Ive been having contractions and pelvic pain nonstop anyways, but last night they got super frequent. When I started timing they were 30 seconds long every 4.5 minutes, when I left for the hospital they were 45 seconds every 3.5 minutes. They didn't really hurt like my previous labor with DD hurt, but definitely uncomfortable. They put me on the monitor and they were right on top of each other and started hurting enough that I had to breathe through them. My midwife met with the OBs and they decided I was in labor and admitted me. I was found to be just shy of 2 cms, 40% effaced, soft cervix and head engaged. Definitely looked like show time, all the measures to slow contractions failed. Except for nothing changed, they stayed exactly the same for 12 freaking hours. They were clearly taking it seriously, I was offered pain medication and reassured that early labor can take hours or days. Then out of no where they started to space out, then decrease in intensity. They told me it looked like it may have been false labor after all, but since baby is premature they would leave it up to me whether to stay or go home. I had been up all night so I opted to run home and take a nap and just return if they picked up again, which as of yet hasn't happened.

On the bright side, I've been really worried about his prematurity and today helped alleviate a lot of those worries. They admitted me to the low risk hospital today, one without a NICU, because they consider him low risk enough to just transfer if a problem occurs but otherwise give him pretty standard neonate care aside from a few extra precautions. Also found out he's a big guy! They're estimating 5 pounds 8 ounces now. I know that can be way off, but it's still nice to hear we aren't having growth issues. I hate to think of how massive a baby I'll have to deliver if I somehow manage to go full term lol

So, have any of you experienced false labor that convincing? I mean like, admitted to L&D, offered pain control, contractions with perfect regularity etc... Pretty damn convincing. If so, did you stay pregnant for very long after false labor? Every extra day I stay pregnant is a gift, but man, I feel like I've been stuck in the early stages of labor for like two weeks now and I'm going nuts! Should I just count my blessings and relax, or take this as a warning that he's coming shortly and I need to finish making all necessary arrangements stat?