Post partum and gym Clopton Due November 27 (girl); 2 kids; Tulsa, OK, United States 3274 posts
24th Feb '13

When did you return to the gym after you had your baby? Did you wait until you got the okay from your doctor at the 6 weeks PP appointment?

[JadeLee] 1 child; Minnesota 12190 posts
24th Feb '13

Yes you need to wait until you get the OK from your doctor to do anything but walking.

nothingness Arizona 3578 posts
24th Feb '13

I wasn't even ok to go to the gym at 6 weeks, my pelvis is still REALLY sore, idk why. When I sneeze or cough it feels like its stretching, ouchiiiee!! So Idk. When you feel fully healed. 6 weeks min.

Miss_Felicia_Marie 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Pennsylvania 5335 posts
24th Feb '13

I didn't FEEL ready for that kind of work-out until about 8wks? Even though I got the 'ok' at 4wks- by my doctor to return to work/regular activity...

Clopton Due November 27 (girl); 2 kids; Tulsa, OK, United States 3274 posts
24th Feb '13

I've felt 100% back to normal a week ago. I was up walking around an hour after delivery. Lol. I'm 2 weeks post partum tomorrow. I've just been walking every evening but didn't know if other mamas actually went back to the gym before their appointment. I'm too paranoid something will happen if I do go to the gym without the "okay" from my doctor.

Mom2William&Michael 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New York 7600 posts
26th Feb '13
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wyatt.earp. 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 2166 posts
27th Feb '13

i started jogging 2 weeks postpartum because i thought i felt fine. big mistake, i peed myself. i waited 4 weeks until i started getting into my old routine again.

Thunderchunk 2 kids; Mobile, Alabama 11066 posts
27th Feb '13

I am 10 weeks PP and today was my first day back at the gym! Although I think I could have gone around 8 weeks, just hadn't had time until now.