A is Me 1 child; South Carolina 3782 posts
25th Feb '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Aly Alejandro:</b>" But would it affect you the same way since its water vapor, vs soaking through your skin?"</blockquote>

On the baby's body, yes. That's like if someone asked if the effects of cocaine were different on their fetus if they snorted it or shot it up, kwim? Either way it gets into your bloodstream. One way is faster, in this case smoking an e cig gets the nicotine into your blood faster.

Redhead Penguin Due September 13 (boy); 3 kids; Henrico, Virginia 99 posts
25th Feb '13

My dr said no to it because e-cigs not been studied enough by the FDA and the nicotine is still bad for baby. SO did go to e-cigs so there isn't any 2nd hand smoke.

{Akaious' Mommy}Alejandro Due July 13 (boy); 16 kids; Boyce, Louisiana 5 posts
15th Mar '13

asked another doctor about it and he said its WAYYYY better for the baby than a real cigg. yes the nicotene does stunt growth in you little wiggler, however its really all the harmfull chemicals in the ciggs that REALLY hurt you baby. Guess its kinda like "Choose you're poision"

Sal.Eissa Due February 6; Japan 1 posts
6th Jun '13

Hi Carissa,
I just found out i'm pregnant. Im currently smoking a 0% nicotine e-cig, it somehow kills my cravings.

Can you please update us about your baby! Was your baby born healthy? Was the e-cig safe?
Thanks :)

Lilitha mom to 2 TTC since Jan 2014; 1 child; 2 angel babies; United Kingdom 365 posts
6th Jun '13

i smoked e-cigs for most of the third trimester of my pregnancy and my son was born completely healthy with no problems and no stunted growth so IMO they are okay